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More Productivity for your Business

Accelerate digitizing and product creation with the automation of common tasks like Auto Primer Stitch, Auto Basting Outline, Auto Underlay, Auto Stippling and Auto Sequencing. 
Easy Organization:
Streamline your production process with design barcoding. By using a barcode reader at anytime to recall the design, you can eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks. 
File Support:
DesignShop v11 supports a broad spectrum of industry-standard file types, including DST, EXP, EPS, ART8*, PES, EMB* and more. Plus, our proprietary OFM format allows wireframe editing, machine settings, and color information to be saved and loaded for production. 

*Import or open only 

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Built-In Thread Charts:
Built-in charts for Isacord, Madeira and other major industry brands. 

Video Tutorials

Learn the ins and outs of DesignShop v11 with a Melco professional!
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Get more out of your digitizing software.

DesignShop v11 knocks down the barrier between your creative vision and professional quality sewouts. We’ve made profound improvements to every aspect of the digitizing experience, enhancing each step of your process, from thought to thread. Get this new PC based digitizing software, today!

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System Requirements

Choose Your Levels

Get the tools that are right for your needs with 4 levels of features. All levels feature new Version 11 enhancements including 4K support, scalable interface, updated stitch engine, and more. 

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  • 175+ Fonts and Monograms
  • 1000 Stock Embroidery Designs
  • Auto Underlay and Density
  • Trim between letters, words, or only when specified
  • TrueType and OpenType Font Support
  • Realistic 3D rendering of embroidery
  • Design Checker
  • Everything in LETTERING +
  • Manual Digitizing
  • Wireframe or Stitch Editing
  • Multiple stitch directions within an element
  • Selectable Character list for Fonts
  • Automatic Fabric Adjustment via Styles
  • Alignment Tools
  • Batch Conversion
  • Custom Shapes and Designs Library
  • Everything in EDITOR +
  • Open 500+ Included Vector Graphic Designs
  • Stitch Graphic Region
  • Open/Insert Vector Graphics
  • Save Out Vector Graphics
  • Utilize Illustrator Clipboard Data
  • Graphic Conversion Assistant
    • User friendly interface
    • Step-by-step or auto
    • Curve smoothing
    • Find center line
    • Auto start stop
  • Everything in VECTOR +
  • Distortion Effects
  • Shadow Tool
  • Change Element Type
  • Curved Stitch Directions
  • Create Blends with Custom Densities
  • Create Decorative and Pattern Fills
  • Create and Edit Embroidery Fonts and Monograms
  • Auto Primer Stitch
  • Auto Basting Outline
  • Combine and Subtract Elements
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