Why Melco

America’s Embroidery Machine

Melco International is based in the United States and headquartered just North of Denver, Colorado. While our corporate HQ is located in the United States, we are also an international organization. Melco has distribution and training centers in dozens of countries all over the world. We are an American Company, Worldwide. Founded in 1972, we were one of the first to develop computerized embroidery technology. This system evolved into the modular, high-speed EMT16X commercial embroidery machine that we proudly sell today.

Melco is an embroidery technology and direct sales organization. Our clients buy industrial embroidery machines direct from our sales team and are trained and supported by us. Every Melco client has a dedicated sales representative that acts as a consultant and direct point of contact for all-things-Melco. That is where the relationship begins. Each client also has access to the Melco Support Network, consisting of Training, Customer Service, Technical Support, and Applications Support.

When you partner with Melco, you’re investing in more than a machine. A certified Melco trainer will teach you how to get the most out of your new investment. Step-by-step, they’ll train you on how to use the system for your specific product, including polo shirts, hats, backpacks, jackets, and more. Melco provides ongoing support and continuing education. Our extensive customer resources include an online knowledge base that’s available 24/7, a weekly Facebook Live event to provide solutions to common issues, and an extended warranty to protect your investment into the future.

Customer relationship is the top priority at Melco. Here are some important things to understand about Melco as a whole:

  • WE create and develop embroidery technology.
  • WE design embroidery and digitizing software.
  • WE sell parts and accessories through our own online store, ShopMelco.com
  • WE market and sell Melco EMT16X direct to you, our client.
  • WE support our Melco EMT16X embroidery machines and software directly.
  • WE support our clients directly.
  • WE support the U.S. economy and our local community.

Melco embroidery machines can be found in companies large and small. Home-based businesses with an online store are using Melco embroidery machines in single and multi-head configurations to produce embroidery jobs on hats, bags, shirts, backpacks, pet accessories and more. Large enterprises such as New Balance, Disney, and NIKE have installed large modular multi-head networks of Melco embroidery machines to produce thousands of embroidered items in a factory setting. Here are a couple of other important reasons businesses choose to partner with Melco:

  • Melco embroidery technology is created, designed, tested, and used by embroidery professionals of all kinds.
  • Melco embroidery technology is built on a flexible, modular platform that is scalable to meet demand growth over time.

Melco’s History

Melco was founded in 1972 as an engineering collaboration directed towards developing advanced electronic and computer graphic applications. Over the last 20+ years, Melco has established itself as a pioneer of technology in the embroidery industry. From our innovative Digitrac® system, the world’s first computerized digitizing system, to EDS III software designed for Microsoft® Windows?, to our EMC 10/12 embroidery peripheral—Melco has remained a leader in the industry. In 1990, a majority share of Melco was purchased by Saurer Group-Holding Inc. of Arbon, Switzerland, a worldwide producer of textile machinery and other products. The merger of technologies has helped propel Melco into a multi-national market and further develop our proven quality. In 1989, Melco created Accessory Resource Corporation (ARC), a full-service company providing thread, equipment accessories, designs, and clothing for the embroidery industry.

Multi-Head Modular Configurations

In 2002, the AMAYA line of 16 needle modular embroidery machines was introduced. AMAYA was a game-changer. For the first time ever, embroiderers were able to create multi-head systems in modular configurations from 2–30 heads, all controlled by a single computer system running AMAYA OS. Each individual embroidery machine was connected to the network via cable, providing mobility and flexibility never before seen in this industry. In addition to modular flexibility, AMAYA embroidery machines are built with Acti-Feed™ technology. Acti-Feed™ automatically controls thread feed and tension using computer software (AMAYA OS). The computer senses and adjusts thread feed and tension on the fly, delivering the benefits of increased sew speeds, enhanced production efficiency, and a system that is easy to learn and use compared to conventional embroidery machines.

Melco Today

In 2010, Melco partnered with Madeira to provide embroidery machine customers with access to quality embroidery thread, embroidery supplies and accessories. In 2012, Melco was acquired by Mizar Holding Company. Located in Aurora, IL, Mizar Holding Company primarily operates in the Sewing Machines industry within the Wholesale Trade-Durable Goods sector. 

We know that good service goes beyond offering an extensive line of quality products. Because your success is the best indicator of our success, we back our embroidery machines with an unmatched training and service network. Melco wishes you every success in the world of embroidery!

Melco is REAL Modular Embroidery!

Melco EMT16X Commercial Embroidery Machine Features Overview

Melco EMT16X Commercial Embroidery Machine