Level Up Your Production

If you’re ready for true mass production in your apparel business, aeoon direct-to-garment printers will help you take that next step. Designed around speed, reliability, and scalability, aeoon’s range of enterprise level DTG printers achieve production volumes that were previously only accessible with screen printing. These printers offer that scalability while also retaining the flexibility and innovation that comes as part of the direct-to-garment digital workflow. 

Vertically Integrated Innovation

Owning the entire process from design to manufacturing all in their corporate facility in Kramsach – Austria, makes aeoon different. aeoon technologies benefits from the unique case that the same people who design the products, obtain immediate feedback on all componentry, to build the most robust DTG printers in the world. The accelerated alpha and beta testing take place next to the innovation center & research and development center, which means that every component is tested various times, to ensure the products will hold up to the demands of clients.

The aeoon advantage

Below is a sample of some of the innovated DTG printers that aeoon offers. From the small footprint Compact Micro series, to bleeding edge Kyo Link, aeoon offers a range of products that fit your aspirations and workspace.

A match made for Melco

By partnering with Melco and aeoon, you can ensure your future viability by opening up essentially limitless growth potential for your business. Both Melco and aeoon offer technology-first, expandable solutions that scale with your business, allowing you to maximize flexibility and efficiency. By pairing the EMT16X modular embroidery system with aeoon’s advanced DTG technology, you can not only offer customers exactly what they want, but also offer them mixed media products they didn’t even know were possible.