Melco Software

We recognize that software is the lifeblood of a modern business. From digitizing to online store integration, our suite of applications and services can supercharge your embroidery business and help you to get the most out of your Melco embroidery equipment.

Melco software - DesignShop v11

With DesignShop v11, we’ve made profound improvements to every aspect of the digitizing experience. Accelerate digitizing with features such as Design Checker, Conversion Assistant and Enhanced Lettering. Organize production with design barcoding. Plus, get plug and play productivity with a huge library of premade designs, fonts and monograms. With four different levels, purchase the level that best fits your business needs.

Melco Fusion

Melco Fusion is a cloud-based web service hosted by Melco that generates product previews and embroidery-ready files using data submitted by users on your e-commerce website. Save time and money when you let Fusion do the heavy lifting of design layout and digitizing. Eliminate order errors and increase customer satisfaction with the powerful dynamic product preview. Automate ordering from your e-commerce store with Melco Fusion!

Melco software - Enterprise Fulfillment Solution (EFS)

Melco EFS stands for Enterprise Fulfillment Solution. This automated pipeline enables you to produce large numbers of individualized items. Streamline your production process by creating embroidery production files directly from customer data. Best of all, there is no integration necessary with Melco EFS. This easy-to-use solution is easy to handle solution will save you time and money with automatic pattern creation, reduced errors and increased customer satisfaction.

Melco calculator

Quickly calculate production times & costs with our Melco Calculator. This calculator is free, fast, and easy! Simply upload an embroidery design, enter parameters and you’re done! This will help you calculate optimal machine setup, production time, job cost and machine ROI. Optimize your business today!