Epson has it figured out.

Why did you decide to purchase the Epson F2000?

Great warranty, Epson will come to us when we need help. Affordable price, great reviews online by other users, hardly any used ones for sale out there. We had an Anajet and had problems from day one. Look on ebay and craigslist you’ll get a quick feeling of what is valued and what is not.

Have you owned other DTG printers? If so, how does the F2000 compare?

Yes, an Anajet mp10i. The Epson is superior. Our previous printer had quality issues; occasionally print with banding, or have a color dropped out. Not with the Epson, we have had the printer for several months and it has been flawless! The peace of mind knowing that the machine is going to print well every time is valuable to us. The amount of ink used to clean the printer is very low compared to the anajet.

How has Melco helped you with your DTG printing needs?

Very helpful. I really didn’t want to spend too much when purchasing the printer and asked if they had a demo for sale. I was able get one for $14,000 which is $1000 less than the least expensive one out there. Granted it had been used, but we were able to go see the machine print right away, pick it up right away and ask the sales guy who was demoing the machine a million questions which he was able to answer right then and there. I know not everyone will have this experience, but Melco was the only one we called who was able to work with our budget. They also seem very knowledgable, John LeDrew sent us to his site which answered many of our concerns about the machine specifically.

How has the F2000 benefited your business?

Since the machine never makes a misprint, we save so much time and have less headaches. We print 5 days/week, 8 hours/day with various color garments and are amazed at how efficiently the Epson uses ink. Due to not worrying about the quality and machine issues we are so much more confident about printing than we were before. I used to think, “this is new technology, struggling to get this right is just the nature of the beast”, but Epson has figured it out.

In addition the servicing of the machine is so simple. The machine tells you when to service on a regular interval, which is important and really one of the biggest drawbacks about other printers. With other printers we would maintain it, but it was on our own assumptions of what should be done and when. The Epson is super specific on what to do and when. This gives us more time to focus on production and not worry about what I might have to do and how it will effect production. The prices of ink per cc is not too far off the the other companies, but the fact we get so much more yield out of the ink makes us so much more profitable.