With Melco, I have had only positive experiences…

I have always loved to sew, so the embroidery first started as an extension of sewing. In June of 2007, I purchased an Amaya XT from Melco and opened SugarPlum Stitching in the 2nd bedroom of our house. I advertised by word of mouth by friends and family and a website.

Four years ago, I branched out to include digital printing. I purchased an Epson DTG printer from Melco in September of 2015 after owning an Anajet printer.

Currently, we have enclosed a 500 sq. ft. garage that I use as my workshop. Over the past nine years, SugarPlum Stitching has expanded its customer base to include numerous local and small chain corporations from restaurants, financial institutions, construction contractors, hospitals, and manufacturing plants. I also do the embroidery and printing work for several educational, karate, and dance schools, churches, civic groups, and individuals.

After a very negative experience with one equipment supplier, I will only purchase from Melco. I have a great 9 yr. relationship with Lynn Weaver, my sales representative, and that relationship just keeps growing. With Melco, I have had only positive experiences from the purchase of equipment to the maintenance of equipment to the purchase of more equipment. I have learned from them, customers are a very important and valuable part of my business and should be treated as such.