Thank you, Melco!

My first experience with Melco was in 2002, after a long career in another field. It was suggested to me by a close relative that I should attend a seminar on starting your own business. The possibility of changing careers and starting a new embroidery business was intriguing and frightening at the same time. After attending the seminar, I felt comfortable enough to purchase my first AMAYA.

Melco assisted me in setting up the machine and giving me tips and training, as I began my venture into the field of embroidery. Their training classes in digitizing logos and the operation of the machine are instrumental in the proper operation and job flow procedures. As with any new, high-tech piece of equipment, the technicians at Melco were helpful with fine-tune adjustments. The progression of my abilities in my new field improved as I went through trial and error periods, but the service technicians were by my side.

At one point, Melco offered to use me as a beta test site for one of their machines and work with the design engineers to help them improve all aspects of their new designs. I jumped at the opportunity and have never regretted it because of how much I learned during the process. It has definitely helped me become more efficient for my own processes and improve the products and services I can provide to my customers.

Twelve years later, I now have four machines. I have learned to use them with a variety of processes including tackle twill, 3D foam caps, luggage, and backpacks. I know that if I have mechanical issues with any of my machines or need suggestions on how to run a specific item, I just need to make a phone call to a Melco technician for assistance.

Thank you, Melco for helping make my business successful.