Angela Jasmine
Kids Custom Designs

Angela is a Mompreneur, YouTube influencer, and businesswoman. As the owner of Kids Custom Designs LLC, Angela powers her business with the help of her Melco EMT16X machines. Angela creates and sells one-of-a-kind custom kid's clothing and accessories. Check out her Melco story.

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Make A Plan

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Purchase Materials + Machines

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Create Online Shop + Website

At Melco, we grow with our customers! We are here to match your business’s demands while helping you turn your passion into profit. Whether it’s a side-hustle or a lifestyle, we want to become your perfect business partner.

Alex Burton
Texas Embroidery Ranch

Alex Burton and his brother started their company when Alex was only 14-years-old. Texas Embroidery Ranch makes high-quality custom apparel for businesses. With the EMT16X at his side and the help of his family, he was able to turn the family dream into a reality. Check out his Melco story.

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Every story has a beginning – your's starts here

This thing is awesome. We have run enough jobs that I’ve already paid for the first 5 months’ payments.

– CALogos

The machines have been doing great! We now do way more Embroidery than Screen Printing. It’s been pretty crazy and we couldn’t be happier to have gotten them when we did! I couldn’t imagine doing all the work we’ve been doing on one machine! We did have a couple issues this year but Melco has been great working with us to resolve it all! No complaints!

– Master Uniform

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