Build Something Big With Melco

Supercharge your customization business with Melco’s enterprise solutions

If you have big plans for your business, Melco can take you as far as you want to go. Our industry-leading embroidery machine technology and scalable software solutions enable ultimate flexibility and limitless growth potential. For over 50 years Melco has been partnering with and empowering small, medium, and enterprise-scale businesses to maximize production and minimize downtime. Our expert team of engineers, account representatives, support staff, and dedicated applications team all work together with one goal: to make our clients’ businesses successful.

EMT16X – Made For Mass Production

Unlike traditional multi-head embroidery machines, the Melco EMT16X features Melco modular approach; to add more heads all you have to do is plug additional EMT16X machines into your network. That may sound simple, but it’s a big deal for your business. As your production needs increase, you can seamlessly grow your setup at the speed that works for you. Additionally, with this system each machine retains it’s autonomy, which means if one machine head has to be stopped for any reason, such as a thread break, the rest of your machine heads will continue stitching, saving you valuable production time.

When time is money, speed is one of your most valuable assets. Because of this, we’ve engineered the EMT16X to have the fastest stitch speed in the industry. Blaze through jobs at speeds of up to 1500 stitches per minute for flats and 1200 stitches per minute for hats, all while retaining exceptional quality.

Melco’s patented Acti-feed™ automated thread tensioning system provides simplified operation, reduced thread breaks, and consistent results. Just input fabric type and hoop size and let Acti-Feed™ handle the rest.

With tools like the Melco Fast Clamp Pro and the XL Hoop, the EMT16X can embroidery almost anything you can think of. Additionally, our modular approach means you can arrange your machines any way you want to best fit your unique workspace.

Threadfellows: A Melco Success Story

Innovative Software Solutions

Melco Fusion is a cloud-based web service hosted by Melco that generates product previews and embroidery-ready files using data submitted by users on your e-commerce website. Save time and money by eliminating errors with orders and letting Fusion do the heavy lifting of design layout and digitizing.

Melco Enterprise Fulfillment Solution is an automation pipeline that simplifies and streamlines large personalization projects. Instead of entering information and digitizing each design manually, EFS takes data and preferences submitted by your customer and automatically creates embroidery-ready files that can then be imported directly into Melco OS to be embroidered.

This powerful free tool calculates job times, machine utilization, and production costs to help you streamline your workflow and determine an optimal machine setup for maximum ROI. Simply input your job size, design file, and machine count, and the Melco Calculator estimates your production time and thread usage while also telling you how many machine heads would be optimal for a given job.

Digital Printing

Adding digital printing services to your business allows you to expand your addressable market and increase customer retention by making your business a one-stop shop for your customers’ customization needs. As a preferred reseller of Epson Direct-To-Garment Printers, Roland Printer/Cutters, and aeoon enterprise equipment, Melco can provide you the products and support you need to expand into the exciting world of digital printing.