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An unparalleled embroidery machine that sets new standards in the industry.

A modular embroidery machine system combines the advantages of conventional multi-head embroidery machines with those of conventional single-head embroidery machines. This is done by connecting between 2 and 30 single-head machines over a network and controlling them from a single computer.

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The smallest lower arm (also called free arm) allows you to directly embroider items with small openings – think shoes, shirt pockets, etc.

Dramatically increase your productivity thanks to an embroidery speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute. Thanks to automatic thread tensioning, this speed can also be maintained during production.

Dramatically increase your productivity thanks to an embroidery speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute. Thanks to automatic thread tensioning, this speed can also be maintained during production.

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Richten Sie bis zu 30 Stickmaschinen direkt einzeln oder in Gruppen von einem PC aus ein – ändern Sie Positionierung, Farbreihenfolge, Stickrahmen und laden Sie Stickmuster direkt vom Computer aus die Stickmaschine ohne USB-Sticks.

Set up several needles with the same color – if a yarn cone is empty, the machine automatically switches to the next one with the same color. You can always leave standard colors on the machine and equip some of the cones with special needles.

Precisely position, rotate and scale a design on the textile and combine embroidery with other finishing methods such as laser or print

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Einfache Bedienung

Inexperienced users can produce easily and quickly with the simplified user interface.
In just 30 minutes, you can learn to operate the machine thanks to the intuitive and touch-screen optimized controls – ideal for reducing your training costs.

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We can access your machine via your control computer and thus solve approx. 80% of all support requests quickly and inexpensively – all you need is an Internet connection.

Load your embroidery designs and settings directly onto your embroidery machines using a barcode or QR code reader. This helps you avoid manual errors and increases efficiency even further – all you need is a commercially available reader.

The machine can be placed with its back to the wall, as you only need access from the front to operate you or change the yarn. It is also very easy to transport on your trolley and also fits in most common station wagons, SUVs and vans.

With this function, the machine automatically loads the next job when the current one is finished. All you need to do is press start – ideal for producing personalized one-offs.

Melco embroidery machines prove themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in industrial embroideries around the world – with minimal maintenance costs.

(almost) everything

Customized baby clothes and baby accessories are a bomb deal, but they are sometimes difficult to embroider because of the small size. Our small forearm allows access into the smallest onesies, baby clothes and baby shoes. Strollers, bibs, blankets, diaper bags, hot water bottles and stuffed animals are also quickly personalized.

Use our native OFM file format and our machine will automatically color the patterns – no more tedious manual needle assignment!

Melco embroidery machines read all common file formats and can even imitate the embroidery design of other embroidery machines – ideal if you already own other embroidery machines.

Save all settings on the machine directly to the OFM embroidery file and even assign specific settings to individual colors/parts of the pattern – reproductions and centralized pattern optimization become a breeze!

Highest embroidery quality
thanks to Acti-FeedTM

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