Upgrade your digitizing experience!

Are you currently using a previous version of DesignShop and wondering what you might be missing? Check out some of the key new features exclusive to DesignShop V11!

Upgrade your user experience with 4K resolution support, scalable user interface (3 icons sizes) and more options easily accessible at your fingertips.

4K Support

Eliminate the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks with design barcoding. Our completely redesigned Print Function allows you to create custom barcoded worksheets that contain all the information you need for your production including active colors (every unique colour in the design is listed once), colour sequence, thread consumption, and much more.


Lettering Level and Above
Design Checker gives one click evaluation and feedback for wireframe designs and text. It will check your design for the most common design problems so that they can be fixed before production problems occur.
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Design Checker

Give your customers options with new V11 exclusive alphabets, including 15 monogram alphabets and two puff alphabets.


Using the Flat Fill mode allows users to take any alphabet text and instantly convert the letters into a flat step stitch fill. This is a must for large letters (think back of a jacket) and increases the quality of your large lettering.
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Flat Fill Stitching

The Auto-Underlay Presets offer an instant way to change underlay values for lettering and designs. With one-click you can adjust an entire design that was originally set up for a light garment to sew beautifully on a thick knit fabric.

Auto Underlay

Editor Level and Above
We have added a new Character List for all digitized alphabets, True- and OpenType-fonts. This allows easier selection of special European characters (ä, é, ç etc.) in alphabets and it also allows the user to insert special characters from Open- and TrueType-fonts but cannot be found on the keyboard into their lettering.
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Character List

The new Stipple Fill stitch type is great for enhancing lettering, creating great new effects, and streamlining a wide array of quilting projects.

Stipple Fill

Vector Level and Above
Graphic Conversion Assistant has been completely rebuilt for DesignShop V11. With powerful new features and an intuitive workflow, this unique tool puts incredible digitizing power at your fingertips.
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Graphic Conversion Assistant

Auto-Start-Stop automatically puts the start and stop points of two elements where they are closest to each other while Auto–Generate Walk Stitches automatically connects elements with a walk stitch underneath an existing element which covers the walk stitch to save trims.

Automation Tools

Simply select the thread chart of the brand and type of thread you’re using on your machine and the graphic file’s colours are automatically converted into a thread colour.

Match Thread Chart

For pixel files you can adjust the Curve Smoothing to get the best results when vectorizing your graphic.
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Curve Smoothing

Professional Level

DesignShop 11 comes with a large library of decorative stitch patterns. We’ve added 46 exciting new patterns that can really spice up your designs and lettering.

Decorative Stitch Library

Primer Stitch makes your live easier by creating a fill area below your whole design or lettering element with just one click. This can be used to tack down any material or to stabilize your design as a whole. Should you have a difficult garment which you can’t hoop properly, you can use the Basting Stitch to secure the garment on the hooped backing and remove the stitches easily after the embroidery is done.

Primer and Basing Stitch